Nasrallah: Revolutionary People of Bahrain Determined to Achieve their Rights

2015-10-26 - 11:39 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Secretary-General of Lebanon's Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, slammed Saudi Arabia over its desecration of Yemen, oppression of the Bahraini people and failure to serve the pilgrims during Hajj.

In his address delivered on Saturday (October 24, 2015) on the occasion of Ashura in the southern suburb of the Lebanese capital Beirut, Nasrallah stated: "In the name of the Husseini crowds, we reiterate our loud call and strong condemnation of the US-Saudi aggression on the oppressed people of Yemen. We also denounce Saudi Arabia's desecration of all sanctities in Yemen before the eyes of the whole world, which stands silent on the massacre being committed by the Al Saud family as the world's media outlets watch."

As tens of thousands of Ashura mourners chanted "Death to Al Saud", Nasrallah stressed: "We stand by the people of Yemen, its army, popular committees and Islamic and National forces. We are proud of their legendary resilience and believe in their victory that will come despite the disparities of capabilities and powers, because their pure blood will win over the swords of tyrants and invaders."

"We condemn as well the Saudi Al Khalifa oppression of the revolutionary oppressed, faithful and enduring people of Bahrain, who are determined to achieve their rights to freedom, sovereignty and dignity no matter how much the oppression and terrorism is intensifying," he further stated.

"We ask Allah to have mercy on the pilgrims of Mina, who according to the latest statistics reached over 2,200 martyrs with many missing to date because of the neglect and failure of the Saudi regime to serve and protect the pilgrims of the sacred House of Allah," Nasrallah added, calling for launching "an investigation into this horrific massacre and never forgetting this great tragedy."

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