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Clashes Erupt after Bahraini Security Forces Take Down Ashura Banners Leaving Protestors Injured

2015-10-21 - 7:24 p

Bahrain Mirror: A number of protestors were injured in Bahrain on Tuesday (October 20, 2015) after clashes erupted between government forces and demonstrators over the regime forces' attempts to take down Ashura banners and flags.

Witnesses said that the security forces attempted to take down banners in Shiite villages, southwest of the capital Manama, yet dozens of protestors confronted the regime forces which in return used shotgun pellets and tear gas to disperse the frustrated crowds.

Since the announcement of an emergency law 5 years ago to crush protests that sought to put an end to the Al Khalifa family's monopoly over power, the Bahraini authorities have been launching a retaliatory campaign against Shiites in the country, which has led to the demolition of 38 Shiite mosques and religious centers.

The US State Department report on the situation of religious freedoms in Bahrain for the year 2014 had condemned the harassment of Bahraini authorities against Shiites in their practice of religious rituals.

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