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Sheikh Sanqour: Tearing, Taking Down Ashura Banners & Flags Provokes and Offends Emotions of Citizens

2015-10-10 - 9:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: The preacher of Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Bahrain's Diraz, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour. criticized the authorities for tearing and taking down Ashura Banners and flags "in a manner that contradicts with the sanctity of Imam Hussein," deeming this action unjustifiable, provoking and offending to the emotions of a major faction of the Bahraini population.

"The slogans, banners and signs of mourning during Ashura shouldn't offend any of the Muslims and security forces, for Imam Hussein is an Imam (master) of all Muslims and is the Prophet's grandson. The slogans of his uprising, his words and the words of Ahlul Bayt (Prophet's family) which are raised in gatherings and on the streets only reflect the values and principles of Islam. The black flags and banners that cover the villages and towns are only an expression of the mourning and grief over the Prophet's grandson and the master of youth in heaven, so none of this should provoke any Muslim," Sheikh Sanqour stressed.

"This repeated act of tearing and taking down some Ashura banners and flags in a manner that contradicts with the sanctity of Imam Hussein is considered a provocation and offence to the emotions of a major portion of this country's people and also contradicts with the right to freedom of practicing religious rituals guaranteed by the constitution," he further stated.

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