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Ministry of Industry: Final Warning to Shops & Restaurants that Raised Prices & Strict Control on Market

2015-10-08 - 10:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism said that it will impose "strict control preventing any manipulation with the prices of goods and food supplies or increasing prices with no justifications in a manner that guarantees controlling the market, protecting the citizens' rights, increasing surveillance campaigns and holding accountable everyone who manipulates with the prices."

The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Zayed Al-Zayani issued a number of decisions after an urgent meeting held with the competent officials in the ministry and ordered "Intensifying the control and surveillance campaigns on the markets and commercial shops like hypermarkets and other shops that sell meat, directing the Bahrain Livestock Company to provide all the required and needed amounts to all the shops, facilitating permission to extract commercial business records to import meat whether for individuals or investing companies, warning commercial shops and restaurants that raised the prices of meals without justification, investigating these violations and taking strict legal measures against them, affirming that the department of consumer protection is ready to receive all the complaints and remarks monitored by the consumers in all the shops and restaurants on the hot line 17007003 so that the administration would be able to take the necessary legal measures in this regard."

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