Official in PM's Court Attacks Sheikh Maitham Al-Salman & Calls for Holding him Accountable

2015-10-06 - 11:10 p

Bahrain Mirror: Assistant Undersecretary for Information and Follow-up at the Prime Minister's Court, Ibrahim Khalifa Al-Dosari, attacked Sheikh Maitham Al-Salman, Head of the Religious Freedom Unit of Bahrain Human Rights Observatory, and described him as an "agent". Al-Dosari called on the Bahraini authorities to stop Al-Salman following his participation in a seminar in the United States.

In a seminar organized by the University of California, Los Angeles, on October 1st, and Hammer Museum Al-Salman talked about the distorted readings of Sharia law, highlighting that the Bahraini authorities demolished Shiites mosques in 2011 in addition to other issues.

Al-Dosari accused Sheikh Al-Salman of "pretending to be a cleric and using his turban in order to add credibility to his lies and defamation of Bahrain around the world," calling on the authorities to stop him in a clear attempt to urge the authorities to take measures against Al-Salman.

Al-Dosari insulted and cursed Al-Salman, describing him as a person who "defames Bahrain's reputation". Al-Dosari claimed that Al-Salman criticized "demolishing the shrines" in Saudi Arabia and its bad organization of the pilgrimage season, dubbing him a "liar and agent" and calling on the authorities to hold him accountable, considering that "ignoring this is a crime against Bahrain".


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