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Former Deputy S-G of National Unity Gathering Mohammed Al-Othman Returns to Bahrain after 3 Years of Political Refuge in UK

2015-10-06 - 11:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: The former deputy Secretary-General of the National Unity Gathering, Mohammed Al-Othman, returned to Bahrain after spending about three as a political refugee in the United Kingdom. Al-Othman appeared for the first time during the signing of his book in the currently held Bahrain International Book Fair. This was considered an announcement of his return to Bahrain.

He posted several new photos of him while signing his book "Political Screeching", in which he gathered a group of his articles in an Egyptian publishing house, along with his friends who contributed to establishing the National Unity Gathering in 2011, before they resigned due to internal conflicts.

Al-Othman resigned from his post as deputy Secretary-General of the National Unity Gathering in March 2012, as he left Bahrain to the UK. The former leader in the gathering, Dr. Adel Abdullah, said in a statement that "Al-Othman left to the UK as a political refugee," stressing that "he is neither convicted over a case nor pursued."

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