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Prosecution Renews Detention of Policeman who Used Drugs for 15 Days Pending Investigation

2015-10-06 - 12:58 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's third criminal court renewed the detention of a policeman for 15 days pending investigations.

The Al-Riffa Police Station filed a report on August 8, 2015, that it detected two mobile phones in a restroom, in coordination with the Security Force Regiment commanding officer, the suspect (a corporal) was arrested while he was not in a normal state. Transferring him to the military hospital, it was revealed that he had taken Crystal Meth. Asking him about the seized mobile phones in the restroom, he said that he put them there for the second suspect in return for receiving an amount of drugs. However, the second suspect denied that and said he is sentenced over a robbery case for 3 years in prison and has nothing to do with the phones.

The prosecution accused him of acquiring drugs for the purpose of abusing them. The suspect also directly requested and accepted drugs from the second suspect which violates his duty. He admitted mobile phones to the reform and rehabilitation clinic.

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