VIDEO: Excavation in Bahrain’s Nuwaidrat Supervised by Interior Ministry

2015-10-03 - 2:48 am

Bahrain Mirror: Activists on social media posted videos of drilling and excavation in theBahrainivillage of Nuwaidrat. Meanwhile, pro-government accounts said that they are aimed at discovering an underground vault used for manufacturing explosive materials.

The video recorded on Monday (September 28, 2015) shows excavation vehicles digging near a house in Nuwaidrat amid heavy security presence.

The village was sieged during the past days. A number of citizens were arrested from Nuwaidrat. The reasons behind the arrests and the charges raised against these citizens are still unknown.

The footage shows dozens of armored vehicles and cars affiliated to the Ministry of Interior roaming through the streets of Nuwaidrat.

Users on social media said that commandos and crime scene forces were heavily eployed inNuwaidrat Tuesday night (September 29, 2015).


No official statement was issued in this regards till the moment.

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