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Bahraini MoI Says it Unearthed Weapons Vault Containing 1.5 Tons of Explosives

2015-10-02 - 1:26 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Interior said that it has uncovered an underground vault inside a home and also a site near the residence used as a homemade bomb-manufacturing facility in Bahrain's Nuwaidrat, after several days of surrounding the village.

The ministry added that "the two locations had been adapted to manufacture and store bombs. Large amount of high explosive materials and bomb-making materials were found weighing over 1.5 tons including C4-RDX, TNT, and other powerful ready-to-use chemical explosives, automatic weapons, guns, grenades, large amounts of live ammunitions and wireless devices."

The ministry confirmed that a number of individuals suspected of being closely connected to terrorist elements in Iraq and Iran were arrested. Required legal measures are still being taken as an introduction to refer the case to the Public Prosecution.

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