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Concerns over Health of AMAL Society’s Detained Senior Member Ahmed Al-Majed

2015-10-01 - 9:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Family of the Islamic Action Society (Amal) senior member, Sayed Ahmed Al-Majed, expressed their concern over his health after he underwent surgery on Monday (September 21, 2015) and then was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

The security authorities transferred Al-Majed to the ICU in Al-Salmaniya Hospital after his medical condition deteriorated due to the brutal torture he was subjected to since his arrest.

Al-Majed underwent a surgery last Monday and then was admitted to the hospital again on Friday.

His family expressed their concern over his health as some reports say that there is a possibility that he would become partially or totally paralyzed.
Reports says that "he needs to undergo a surgery to replace three vertebrae."

Al-Majed, who is serving a 15-year-term in Jaw Central Prison over political agendas, was subjected to retaliatory torture, as he was hanged for long hours, beaten and kicked on his back, where he suffered from severe pain for a long period of time and was deprived of medical treatment.

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