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Arms Possession Case of Adel Flaifel & his 7 Bodyguards Scheduled for Oct. 29

2015-09-30 - 2:23 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Third High Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Ali bin Khalifa Al-Dhahrani, with the membership of judges Wajih Al-Shaer and Badr Al-Abdallah and Youssef Bou Hardan as secretariat, set October 29, 2015 as date for trial of the former Interior Ministry major Adel Flaifel, along with 7 others (his driver and bodyguards), who are facing the charges of possession of different arms and ammunitions without license.

Attorney-General Ali Bin Fadhul Al-Buainain announced on November 12, 2014 that the prosecution has commenced its investigations. Meanwhile, the investigations of the Department of Criminal Investigations concluded that a person unlawfully imported arms and it issued a warrant to search the suspect's residence and him as well. After searching his home, they found a number of firearms and ammunitions.

It is noteworthy that Flaifel was convicted in an embezzlement case and is facing a number of other lawsuits as well.

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