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Wa’ad: Bahrain Needs National Unity Government to Face Budget Deficit

2015-09-30 - 12:57 am

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society "Wa'ad" called on the Bahraini authorities to form a national government to face the financial crisis due to the drop in fuel prices and budget deficit.

Wa'ad said in a statement issued on Tuesday (September 23, 2015) on the sidelines of of the society's political office meeting last Monday "our country needs a national unity government that represents all the political and society factions in the country in order to find a solution to the social, economic and political crisis, starting with a national conciliation program based on transitional justice."

In its statement, Wa'ad also called for "resuming the crown prince's 7-term initiative that he launched in March 2011."

"A government that enjoys real authority can put limits to financial and administrative corruption," it added.

It further stated that "the national unity government, in case it is formed with political consensus, can find real and serious solutions to the issue of lifting subsidies on basic commodities like meat, flour, fuel and electricity."

Wa'ad went on to say that "talking about a transitional phase in the country makes it avoid the consequences of the economic and financial crisis due to the drop in oil prices and makes it avoid the political crisis. This can't be addressed except within the framework of a real dialogue between the regime and national democratic opposition parties to find a solution to the crisis whose consequences we've been suffering from since 2011."

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