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Italian Newspaper: Italy & Spain Preferred Interests to Human Rights

2015-09-21 - 11:21 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Journalist Francesca La Bella said in an article published by the Italian Near East News agency, entitled "Bahrain: Conflict between Interests and Human Rights" said that the Italian stance towards the joint statement regarding the human rights situation in Bahrain emerged from the importance of trade relations between the two countries.

La Bella pointed out that there is a new deal that is worth over 50 million euros between the Italian Finmeccanica Selex ES and Bahraini government to modernize 6 ships affiliated to the Royal Bahrain Naval Force.

"This is not the first agreement of its kind between the two countries, for the company has already provided surveillance radar systems for Bahrain's civil aviation and Air Force," La Bella highlighted.

La Bella further stated that "Human Rights Watch, which praised the statement, said it feels sorry that states like Spain and Italy have preferred politics to human rights."

33 states signed a joint statement in the United Nations human rights council in which they pointed out that there are serious violations of human rights in Bahrain.

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