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Detained High-Ranking Graduate Mostafa Ismail Released after Being Deprived of Studying Medicine

2015-09-17 - 11:26 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini authorities released detainee Mostafa Mohammad Ali Radhi Ismail (18 years old), after serving a 3-month jail term over assembly.

Mostafa has a GPA of 98.9% and was nominated for receiving the Crown Prince's scholarship. The Bahraini Ministry of Education; however, prevented him from his first preference (studying medicine), although he occupied the 7th rank among Bahraini male students and although the ministry specified 11 medicine scholarships for public (boys) schools.

It is noteworthy that Mostafa's father is one of 14 detainees who the authorities accuse of overthrowing the regime since their arrest in March 2011.

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