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Sheikh Ali Salman in Phone Call after His Prosecution Trial: Cuffs Only Strengthen Our Determination

2015-09-16 - 9:49 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Aliaa Radhi, wife of the detained Al-Wefaq Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Salman, said that she received a phone call from him directly after his first appeals court hearing ended Tuesday afternoon (September 15, 2015) and that he told her to deliver a message to the Bahraini people stressing on his determination to achieve the people's just demands no matter what the cost is.

On her personal Twitter account, Radhi tweeted: "I received a phone call now from the Secretary-General after his first appeals court hearing and his voice filled me with hope and persistence," adding that "Sheikh Ali told me to deliver a message to the loyal Bahraini people and to all his beloved ones. I felt his steadfastness and high spirit were reflected in his message."

"His message to you is that ‘we will carry on until our just demands are met; our demands that we deem necessary in order to modernize the country and achieve stability," she further stated, adding that Sheikh Ali Salman stressed "that this movement will continue and that he will not forsake it under any circumstance, until people receive their natural and basic rights."

Rahdi went on to say that "Sheikh Ali is willing to sacrifice the rest of his life until democracy is achieved in Bahrain and until this people enjoys freedom, dignity and equality." She also quoted his own words: "The cuffs and all this only strengthens our determination to demand our rights so that this generation and the coming generation rest reassured about themselves and their futures."

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