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National Democratic Assembly Head Fadhel Abbas Prevented from Receiving Medication in Prison

2015-09-11 - 11:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: Family of detainee Fadhel Abbas, the secretary general of the National Democratic Assembly who is sentenced to 5 years in prison, demanded the prison authority to allow him to receive his medication, stating that "he was prevented from receiving his medication since 4 days ago for no reason."

Abbas's wife said that "she filed two complaints to the General Secretariat of the Ombudsman and the National Institution for Human Rights regarding this issue," expressing "her concern about his health deterioration, especially that he suffered from a stroke last year, due to his high blood pressure and diabetes."

"My husband has been banned from receiving his medications since 4 days ago. This is not the first time. I filed a complaint regarding the same issue to the Ombudsman's office and the prison's administration allowed him to receive his medications normally. He; however, was once again prevented from receiving them a few days ago. The administration of Jaw prison hasn't yet responded to the Ombudsman's office and the National Institution for Human Rights regarding the filed complaint and their request to allow my husband to receive his medication," she added.

Fadhel Abbas's wife further stated: "When I contacted the Ombudsman, I requested that the Jaw prison's administration allows my husband to call me to tell me that he has been allowed to use his medications but he hasn't called me yet. This makes me very worried about the deterioration of his health."

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