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Bahraini Prosecuted for Assuming Identity of Ruling Al Khalifa Family Member

2015-09-11 - 11:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini high court will look into the case of a Bahraini accused of forging official papers, as he forged a residential card having his photo and the name of a member of the ruling Al Khalifa family, with the help of another Nepali national.

The Kuwaiti police stopped the Bahraini citizen after they suspected him and asked him to present his official papers, thus he gave them the forged card. The Kuwaiti police was not convinced about the card's validity, due to the suspect's appearance and clothes. Thus, the suspect was referred to the police station. Calls were made between the Kuwaiti and Bahraini police, and it was proven that this person does not hold the name or title registered on his card.

The suspect was handed over to the Bahraini authorities. It was shown that the suspect relied on the assistance of a Nepali national to forge the card with a scanner, after writing the name he chose. Both the Bahraini and Nepali suspects were charged with forging official papers and the case was referred to the high criminal court.

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