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Pro-ISIS Accounts Tweet about Bahraini Soldiers Killed in Yemen: They’re Doomed to Become Waste

2015-09-09 - 12:27 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Twitter accounts supporting the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) launched an attack against the Bahraini authorities after announcing the deaths of 5 of its soldiers in a strike on a military base for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

Under the title (#Doom_of_Bahraini_Soldiers), a Bahraini militant in the ranks of ISIS, Mohammad Isa Al-Binali, wondered "who told you that your dead soldiers are martyrs! Who lied to them that they are fighting for Allah's sake and who pushed them to join this losing war," adding that the martyr "is the one who fights for making Allah's word the highest, not the one who fights for making the word of (the Yemeni President) Abdu Rabbu the highest."

Al-Binali added in a series of tweets published on his personal Twitter account and addressed "the martyrs of the nation" wondering "which heaven (the Bahraini King) Hamad will enter you? You fought Allah's religion for a salary and you sold your religion in a life whose purchases are disappointing." In another tweet, Al-Binali addressed the king's son, Nasser bin Hamad, who called on the soldiers to retaliate for the Bahrainis soldiers who were killed and said: "If you are a man, fight with your soldiers on the ground. You push your soldiers towards doom in Yemen while you threaten from Shabwa."

Al-Binali ended his tweets by saying that the Bahraini soldiers "fought and got killed for a void constitution and they were dubbed brave martyrs yet they are doomed to become waste."

"Batar Bahraini" account tweeted: "They say (martyrdom of Bahraini soldiers) and we say (doom of Bahraini soldiers). The Quran and Sunnah define us and not your Jahiliyyah fanaticism."

Meanwhile, "Mohreqi" account said: "Who thinks that dying under the banner of polytheism is martyrdom for the sake of Allah is a miserable person. The martyr is the one who was killed to make Allah's word the highest. These soldiers fought to let Al-Saud's word be the highest."

"Qasoura Al-Bahraini" who identifies himself as one of those who fought in the ranks of ISIS, also said: "When Allah made Jihad possible for me; some told me how can you fight in a country that is not yours. When the soldiers of the tyrant were killed in Marib, they called them martyrs," and reiterated his call for the "deceived" Bahraini soldiers to repent to Allah, defect from the Bahraini army and join the "Soldiers of Allah".







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