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Two-Week Online Registration for Compensation for Lifting Subsidies on Meat

2015-09-04 - 2:12 am

Bahrain Mirror: Member of joint Parliamentary committee assigned to review the redirection of subsidies and development of government revenues in the Bahraini Parliament, Ahmed Qarata, said "the government told the Member of Parliaments that it will allow people to sign up online within these two weeks to register for the compensation for lifting subsidies on meat after it approved postponing the decision until October 1."

Qarata explained that "the postponement of the decision will be decisive and final this time. There won't be another postponement. The decisions to lift subsidies on electricity, water and gasoline will be announced later on," stressing that "all Bahrainis will benefit from these compensations."

According to the government, the Ministry of Finance and that of Social Development will reveal the required records listing the beneficiaries and began paying the compensations in October. The central informatics organization will announce within the coming few days opening the doors for online registration and smartphone applications by the heads of Bahraini households who wish to benefit from the financial compensation, except for the families registered in the records for receiving aid and governmental grants in the Ministry of Social Development that amount to 116 thousand Bahraini families, who will receive the financial compensation transferred automatically to their bank accounts without the need to register. 

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