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Bahrain's SIU Summons Wife of Khorshid Fahrat Whose Nationality Has Been Revoked

2015-08-28 - 2:13 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wasat newspaper said that the wife of Khorshid Farhat, who was forcibly expelled from Bahrain, was summoned by Bahrain's Special Investigation Unit (SIU) to appear before the Public Prosecution on Wednesday (August 26, 2015). The reasons behind this summoning; however, remain unknown until the moment.

Khorshid's wife said that she headed to the Public Prosecution's office in the morning at the request of the SIU. The member of the SIU whom she was supposed to appear before wasn't able to attend, so "they told me that I will be summoned again once the member of the Special Investigation Unit returns. They, however, did not tell me the reason for summoning me," she said.

"I was surprised to see my arrested brother at the special investigation unit office. I do not know yet the reasons for my brother's summoning nor that behind my sudden summoning without any given explanation," she further stated.

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