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Farhat Khorshid's Wife: Insurance Refuses to Pay Korshid's Financial Dues

2015-08-28 - 2:11 am

Bahrain Mirror: The wife of Farhat Khorshid, whose nationality has been revoked and who was forcibly expelled from Bahrain, said that the social insurance refused to pay her husband's financial dues, pointing out that the Ministry of Social Development still refuses to dispense the high cost of living allowance for her family despite the absence of the family's breadwinner.

"I consulted the insurance office and Ministry of [Social] Development more than once regarding the dues, but my attempts were in vain," she said, pointing out that officials from the ministry visited her where she lives with her mother to check the room in which she is staying, after her apartment was taken away from her family 4 months ago, "but nothing has happened yet," she added.

"Whenever I consulted the ministry, the regular answer was that: the issue is in the hands of the committee," Khorshid's wife said, wondering, "What keeps such an issue in the committee's hands all this time without issuing a final decision?"

While Khorshid's wife expressed her surprise that her husband is being denied his insurance rights, she confirmed that she always hears the same comment regarding this matter: "there are no orders yet to pay your money".

"Suppose that Farhat had committed a crime, he was punished by being expelled from his country. Why are his family members, who are citizens, being deprived of their rights?," she further stated.

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