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100 Bahraini Clerics Sign Petition Rejecting Restrictions on Religious Freedom

2015-08-26 - 9:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: 100 clerics, Imams of mosques and preachers in Bahrain signed a petition rejecting the Interior Minister's statements about restrictions imposed on religious sermons and the government's attempts to undermine the independence of religious affairs, declaring their support for the senior clerics who issued a statement in this regard.

"In light of the senior clerics announcement of a clear and precise Sharia religious stance with regards to the political authority's control over religious affairs and restrictions imposed on religious discourse, as the authorities announced the need to get approval from governmental bodies to deliver religious sermons, we, as clerics, abide by the legal (Sharia) ruling," read the petition.

"We abide by the directions of the senior clerics, and shall not disobey them. We refuse any undermining of the independence of religious affairs. We will remain loyal to our religion and will abide by its holy Sharia. We will continue to protect the independence of religious affairs under all circumstances and conditions," the petition further stated.

The senior clerics issued a statement on Tuesday (August 25, 2015) in which they expressed their refusal of a statement issued by the Minister of Interior Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa in which he announced the ministry's intention to oblige the Imams of mosques and Friday preachers to get approval to deliver religious sermons, stressing that the Imams of mosques will not respond to these government decisions.

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