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Saudi Embassy: 250 Saudi Teachers Dispatched to Bahrain in 2015 with Riyadh Covering Expenses

2015-08-26 - 9:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Saudi Embassy in the Bahraini capital Manama said that a number of Saudi teachers dispatched to work in Bahrain in 2015 reached about 250, pointing out that the step of dispatching Saudi teachers to Bahrain is considered a kind of "support offered by Saudi Arabia to its sister nation, the Kingdom of Bahrain."

The embassy stated that a few years after the dispatching began, Saudi teachers were replaced with about 400 Egyptian teachers to teach in Bahrain with Saudi Arabia covering the expenses, until 2002 (1422 H.)

A report published by "Al-Jisr Al-Thakafi" (Cultural Bridge), issued by the cultural attaché in the Saudi Embassy, revealed that the process of dispatching Saudi teachers has resumed; 100 Saudi teachers were sent at first and then the number increased to reach 133 in 2012 (1433 H.). The Saudi teachers now amount to nearly 250, according to the report.

The detailed report also pointed out that the Saudi students studying in Bahrain have reached about 900 in 2015 (1436 H.). 

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