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Sentence Commuted for Customs Officer & Gulf Embassy Secretary Convicted of Smuggling Banned Materials across King Fahad Causeway

2015-08-22 - 9:00 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Supreme Appeals Court, presided over by advisor Isa Al-Kaabi and Nawaf Khalfan as secretariat commuted a three-year sentence to two years, while including the fines.

A High Criminal Court had sentenced two suspects, a Customs officer and secretary of a Gulf embassy, to three years in prison and the latter was fined the cost of the confiscated goods.

The Public Prosecution has accused the first suspect of breaching professional ethics in 2013 by aiding the second suspect in smuggling illegal chewing tobacco into Bahrain across King Fahad Causeway, as he agreed to let him into Bahraini territory during his shift without being searched upon the second suspect's request since they were both friends. 

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