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Ministry of Housing: Over 53 Thousand Housing Requests in Bahrain

2015-08-18 - 9:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Housing said that there are more than 53 thousand housing requests at a rate of 4 thousand requests annually "ranging from residential unit requests, apartments, vouchers to loans, in addition to those who wish to benefit from the social housing financing program."

The statistics, according to the Al-Wasat newspaper, show that the number of requests received by the ministry since 2015 that included implementing the decision of separating the salaries of the spouses reached about 3086 housing requests, varying between residential unit requests, apartments, loans and vouchers.

In its response, the ministry talked about a significant decline in the number of old housing requests on the waiting list and explained this by pointing out that the requests are being met through the projects implemented by the ministry since 2012 until now.

"In return for meeting these demands, the ministry receives new housing requests annually. Thus, the basic standard is the number of old requests found on the waiting list, which is low and in limited areas. The ministry is proceeding in meeting the requests within the coming period by implementing the projects categorized as public, which are being implemented at the moment." the ministry added.

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