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Saudi Arabia Arrests 413 ISIS Militants Including 2 Bahrainis

2015-08-18 - 12:47 am

Bahrain Mirror: Saudi Security forces arrested 413 members of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) accused of terrorism over the past 60 days in various areas across the country without engaging in shootouts with the suspects who are involved in joining terrorist cells.

Security sources confirmed to Al-Jazeera that the security forces arrested 413 ISIS members of 19 different nationalities accused of terrorism. The security forces found documents and arms proving that the suspects were involved in the terrorist ISIS organization. 322 Saudis were taken into custody, in addition to 42 Yemenis, 7 Pakistanis, 7 Syrians, 7 Egyptians, 5 of unknown nationalities, an Algerian, 3 Somalis, 2 Ethiopians, a Lebanese, an Iraqi, a Bangladeshi, 4 Sudanese, 3 Chadians, an Afghani, 2 Palestinians, 2 Bahrainis, a Jordanian and an Indian. Meanwhile, security sources stressed that most of the arrested are involved in communicating via social media with contacts managed from outside the country, using Saudi names to mislead Saudi youths to join ISIS.

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