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Hospital in Egypt Stops Treatment of Bahraini Student in Critical Condition after Bahraini Embassy Refused to Pay Fees

2015-08-12 - 11:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Ayam newspaper, owned by the Bahraini King's advisor Nabeel Al-Hamer, said that the Bahraini Embassy in Cairo refused to pay an amount of money for medical services for a Bahraini student who had an accident. Thus, the hospital stopped her medical treatment although the student is in need of an urgent surgery.

The newspaper added that the Bahraini student, Tahani Jassem Al-Aradi, who is studying dentistry in Misr University for Science and Technology in the Arab Republic of Egypt, had a serious accident which caused her severe injuries and different fractures in her body while crossing the road on Thursday night and then she was transferred to the hospital.

The report issued by Dar Al Fouad Hospital about the condition of Tahani Al-Aradi pointed out that she had a traffic accident that caused brain hemorrhage and several fractures in her skull, right arm and pelvic bone.

Tahani underwent brain surgery to stop the bleeding and X-ray computed tomography. The doctors made sure that there was no more bleeding in her brain. She is still in the intensive care unit to receive intensive therapy and undergo the necessary medical examinations with the possibility of needing to have urgent surgical intervention at any time.

The head of the emergency room, Dr. Mohamed Hany Moro, asked Tahani's family to pay 200,000 EGP (approximately 10,000 BD) for the medical services that the patient received. The family of the patient called on the officials in the ministries of education and health and Bahraini Embassy in Cairo to urgently interfere, since the hospital stopped Tahani's treatment after the embassy refused to pay for the treatment, noting that she is in need of urgent surgery.

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