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Bahrainís Information Minister: What Happened to Al-Wasat Newspaper May Happen to Another Paper

2015-08-12 - 1:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Minister of Information Affairs Isa bin Abdulrahman Al-Hammadi said on August 10, 2015 that the law applies to all media institutions, stressing that what happened to the Al-Wasat newspaper may happen to any other paper.

Al-Hammadi explained during a post-cabinet press briefing that several measures have been taken by the Ministry of Information Affairs against Al-Wasat newspaper. Many warnings were sent to the newspaper and a meeting was held with its officials to inform them about the newspaper's violations, as mentioned in the Information Affairs Authority's statement about its violation of the law that affects national unity and the Kingdom's relations with other countries.

"What led to the suspension of Al-Wasat newspaper was the monitoring of a number of breaches. We met with the employees in charge of the newspaper and discussed all the breaches and reasons behind its suspension," he added.

The minister also revealed that the newspaper had presented a written pledge to the Information Ministry and promised to commit to work within a legal framework while taking into consideration the circumstances and tensions in the region.

"We want to steer Bahrain clear of the tensions in the region to protect national unity and highlight all the signs of prosperity in the kingdom, and that's why the newspaper will resume its role," the minister explained, stressing that the law applies to all media institutions, adding that what happened to Al-Wasat newspaper may happen to any other paper in case they breach the law."

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