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Bahrain’s Education Ministry Rejects Shiite Students’ Scholarship Complaints

2015-08-10 - 9:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Ministry of Education announced the results of complaints filed by Shiite students regarding scholarships, as the students received calls from the ministry informing them about the results.

A number of high-ranking graduates said they received calls from the Ministry of Education informing them that their complaints were not accepted, without explaining why, although their GPAs exceeded 98%.

The students said that they began filing their complaints on the first day of confirming their acceptance that is before the ministry set a date for receiving complaints on August 3, 2015 for a period of one week.

The graduates also stressed that the remaining available scholarships are not desired by the students especially those with ranks above 98%, such as scholarships in Arabic Language, English language, Islamic studies, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, physical education, sociology and tourism studies, adding that there is self-sufficiency regarding these majors in the field of teaching and job market with regards to female graduates as stated by the ministry itself.

Al-Wasat newspaper also said that the remaining scholarships for public high school graduates are limited to Bahrain Polytechnic, the Royal University for Women, in addition to some scholarships in Islamic Studies in Saudi Arabia, which are mostly granted to male graduates.

Other high-ranking students who were only granted financial scholarships said that they are determined to study abroad and call on the Ministry of Education to facilitate the procedures for their travel.

"Only 400 dinars a year is the reward for our high grades. The ministry knows better than anyone that this amount of money isn't enough to study anywhere in the world, so we hope it takes this issue into consideration and implements what it has been announcing in its statements which is looking into the value of financial scholarships granted to high-ranking graduates and increase this value," the students further stressed."

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