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For 3rd Time Since 2012: Seddiqa Al-Basri Arrested at Bahrain International Airport

2015-08-06 - 11:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's security forces arrested Seddiqa Al-Basri on Wednesday morning (August 5, 2015); the third time she has been taken into custody since 2012. Activists said that the Bahrain International Airport security arrested Seddiqa as she was planning to fly to the UAE. The reasons behind her arrest remain unknown until the moment.

Seddiqa has already been detained twice. She was first detained in 2012 over the charge of "hurting a policeman's feelings" and sentenced to a six-month term in prison, which she finished on July 17, 2013. She was arrested again over charges of "running over a police officer" on Bahrain Tamarod Day (Bahrain Rebellion Day) (August 14, 2013) near Al-Seef crossroad and then released in September 2014.

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