To Sawsan Al-Shaer: I, Abu Al-Buraa, My Family, Mother and Brother Who’s a Member of Bahraini Military Are All ISIS

2015-08-05 - 10:17 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini Royal Court Newspaper was trying its best over the past two days to write something that would acquit the government of its involvement in affairs of extremist groups, so it stated that "the ISIS thought has no place in Bahrain," adding that the accusations about the

government's involvement is nothing but a "systematic approach" used by the opposition parties to put Bahrain on the international agenda, monitoring terrorist movements.

Meanwhile, news about the Bahraini terrorist Salman Alyan Turki Al-Ashban also known as "Abu Al-Buraa Al-Bahraini" and "Abu Dhar Al-Bahraini" emerged from Iraq's Fallujah on Monday (July 13, 2015) announcing that he was killed in what the organization described as a "Plunge operation" signifying that he died while carrying out a suicide attack.

The truth is that the information which "Abu Al-Buraa" posted about himself on social media before his death could reveal more of the dangers that extremist movements in Bahrain pose, which would increase the "tensions" of the Royal Court Newspaper and its writers, obligating them to make more efforts and do their "homework" better.

Al-Ashban wrote a lot of interesting details about his journey to Jihad in Syria, how he was being prepared in Bahrain and how all the members of his family followed and joined him too.

He also said that he received 200 dinars from a "man who was visited by one of my friends to tell him that someone wants to go to Syria but has no money." The man refused at first to give him money "since he doesn't who the person is and won't give him money unless he knows," but after less than an hour, that "man came to me and told me that he would give me any amount of money I'd like and prepare me, so I was very pleased."

Al-Ashban also mentioned that "there was an apartment where there was a group of men. It was the takeoff point." He added that one of his friends came to the apartment, picked him up and drove him to the airport.

He then announced, while he was on the airplane, his journey to Syria. He said: "When the airplane began to move, I posted a picture of my passport on Instagram to tell my parents that I'm heading to Syria." "Abu Al-Buraa" also talked about his family's refusal and attempts to stop him from continuing his trip after arriving to Istanbul Airport. When his family realized that they couldn't convince him, his mother told him that she "will not forgive" him."

His family's refusal; however, didn't go on for long-most likely after a few months of his arrival in Syria-and there was a dramatic change in their view. They couldn't stop Abu Buraa from going to Syria, from Istanbul Airport to a Free Syrian Army dwelling, to the company of an ISIS militant, and then to a "guesthouse welcoming immigrants." The big dramatic change happened when his mother and brother who works in the Bahraini army decided to join him.

This was something greatly appreciated among the ranks of the organization, as Al-Ashban was all alone, rejected by his family and had lost the "way" yet he then became one of the "soldiers of the Islamic State" along with all his family members.

"Now, thanks to Allah, my mother has come to see me in Syria after I became a member of the Islamic State (...) My brother was one of the tyrant's soldiers and now he has left the tyrant's army and found his way to the [right] path," he stated.

Salman Alyan Turki Al-Ashban who was born in 1995 in Al-Riffa area in Bahrain's south wrote the story of how he and his family joined ISIS. Al-Ashban said that even those members of his family who didn't join him are "with the Islamic State even though they are not on that path," yet what does the Bahraini Royal Court Newspaper say? It simply says: "A Bahraini regional media network linked to the opposition is attempting to say that Bahrain is connected to ISIS while there is no social space for the organization in Bahrain" and Sawsan Al-Shaer, a writer in the newspaper, has said: "It is a systematic approach that will lead to significant consequences on the international level, categorizing and giving the authorities a serious label."

In fact, if there is really a systematic approach aimed at linking Bahrain to ISIS, then it would be the games used by the security authorities to invest extremist organizations. That same writer has threatened before to revive the "Al-Qaeda" for the purpose of mixing the cards amid a rise in calls for democracy and respecting human rights in the country. She wrote in an article published in March 21, 2013, which raised massive criticism: "The US dream to reset the state of Bahrain by using its puppets that it controls means, in short, to place the Shiites in the face of the Sunnis and the revival of Al-Qaeda."

At this time specifically, one of the strongest Gulf Jihadi campaigns was being launched in Bahrain entitled: "Equipping Invaders" campaign.

Exactly five months after this article was published, Salman Alyan Turki Al-Ashban travelled to the "Blessed Land".

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