VIDEO: Mic Snatched off Sheikh Al-Aradiís Clothes Live on Air Before He Was Expelled from Studio

2015-07-28 - 2:04 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A video displaying a segment of a talk show about the campaign which the Bahraini Ministry of Interior called for against what it described as "Iranian interference" which was aired on Bahrain TV on Friday (July 24, 2015) showed how Sheikh Mohammad Said Al-Aradi's microphone was snatched off his clothes. Al-Aradi's statements regarding the "Iranian interference" in Bahraini affairs have triggered a wave of angry reactions from Bahraini regime supporters who went as far as to urge the Minister of Information Affairs, Isa Abdulrahman to resign.

The presenter asked Al-Aradi whether Iran is interfering in Bahraini affairs or not and wanted the Sheikh to give a yes or no answer, as the answer according to the presenter does not need to take 3 minutes, which was the time Al-Aradi spent talking before he was interrupted by the presenter. In his response, Al-Aradi said: "Allah the Almighty says: ‘So announce the good news to My servants,-Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best (meaning) in it'. Just give me me one word (from the speech of the Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution Sayyed Ali Khamenei). Tell me what he said and I will judge."
Al-Aradi; however, was surprised when they snatched the microphone off his clothes and said: "The microphone fell down" before he started searching for it under the table in vain, and then the show ended.

A tweeter called Abu Omar Al-Shafie posted on his account: "According to MP Khalid Al- Malood after contacting the Minister of Informationś Al-Aradi was expelled from the studio."

Al-Aradi said if it was proven that Iran is interfering in a negative way in Bahrain, meaning that it is reinforcing terrorism, violence and killing, then its interference is forbidden by all sane people around the world and not only citizens, adding that "if the interference was positive as an advice for instance, then there is no problem with it."

"Suppose that Iran is an enemy (...), you have to bring it to your side, diminish it, decrease its aggression and not increase it." However, neither the presenter nor the other guest liked what Al-Aradi said.

Al-Aradi's cautious comment, with regards to blaming Iran for the effects of the crisis in Bahrain, represented a counter attack against the campaign launched by the Interior Minister, Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, to promote that Bahrain unanimously agrees that Iran is involved in the ongoing Bahraini uprising over the past four years, which the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) assigned by the King of Bahrain has already denied before (June 2011).

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