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Public Prosecution Charges Suspects Accused of Smuggling Weapons with Collaborating with Foreign Country

2015-07-27 - 11:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Public Prosecution charged five suspects on Sunday (July 26, 2015) with collaborating with a foreign state, whom the Ministry of Interior claimed are involved in an attempt to smuggle weapons and explosive materials from Iran to Bahrain on Saturday (July 25, 2015).

Advocate General and Acting Attorney General to the Terror Crime Prosecution Hamad Al-Buainain said that the Terror Crimes Prosecution's inquiry was launched following a report from the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Forensic Evidence about the confiscation of explosive materials, weapons and ammunition that were being smuggled to Bahrain by sea.

The investigation revealed that the accused who were arrested had joined a terror group that smuggled explosives, weapons and ammunitions by sea to be used in committing terrorist acts inside the Kingdom of Bahrain. Al-Buainain said that some of the suspects travelled to Iran, in coordination with some members of the group there, and received training there on the use of firearms, making of explosives and smuggling them into Bahrain. He pointed out that the accused managed to smuggle explosives, weapons and ammunitions into Bahrain several times since 2013 after they had arranged the maritime and land transport and necessary funds to carry out their operations. He pointed that the latest smuggling attempt was foiled on July 15, 2015, adding that two of the accused were arrested, alongside three other suspects in connection with the terrorist group.

The Terror Crimes Prosecution questioned the five suspects who were arrested in connection with the case and ordered them to be held in custody pending further investigations. The prosecution charged them with collaborating with suspects who worked for a foreign country to commit hostile acts against the Kingdom of Bahrain and joining a terrorist group. It also charged them with receiving training on the use of weapons and explosives, smuggling weapons and explosives and illegally possessing explosives, weapons and ammunitions with the intent of carrying out terrorist acts and ordered their arrest for 15 days pending further investigations. The Terror Crimes Prosecution has also commissioned a forensic expert to examine the confiscated explosives, weapons and ammunitions to confirm their type, caliber, explosive capacity and to download the contents of the electronic devices used by the suspects in carrying out their activities.

The Bahraini opposition, who is leading a peaceful movement since 2011 aiming at putting an end to Al Khalifa's monopoly of power, doubts such incidents and always calls for establishing independent commissions of inquiry. The authorities; however, constantly refuse to meet the opposition's repeated demands.

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