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Open Hunger Strike in Dry Dock Prison Starts Saturday

2015-07-27 - 3:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human Rights activist and member of the European-Bahraini Organization for Human Rights, Fatima Al-Halwachi, said that she received a call from her imprisoned father, Khalil Al-Halwachi, in which he stated that the political prisoners in Dry Dock Prison will start an open hunger strike on Saturday (July 25, 2015) in order to make the police improve their treatment of detainees in cell blocks, and put an end to physical torture and solitary confinement of political prisoners.

Fatima Al-Halwachi stressed that the detainees in Dry Dock Prison are subjected to degrading treatment by the prison guards and banned from their basic rights. The guards affiliated to the Bahraini Ministry of Interior are taking illegal disciplinary measures against detainees, as the security forces isolate the prisoners in police offices, blindfold their eyes and force them to stand up for long hours. Security forces also close the cell block doors all day long and only open them for one hour. They also prevent the inmates from going to the prison's clinic to receive medical care. Al-Halwachi highlighted receiving several complaints that detainees are being subjected to beatings, insults and physical and physiological torture.

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