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Bahraini “Muslim Brotherhood” Describe Projects of Charity Organization Run By King’s Son As Normalization of Relation with Israel

2015-07-25 - 5:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Some figures of the Muslim Brotherhood in Bahrain described the Al-Quds Library project implemented by the Royal Charity Organization headed by the King's son Nasser bin Hamad and the visits conducted by the Secretary-General of the organization, Mustafa Al-Sayed as "normalization, support and legitimation of the Zionist entity usurping the land of Palestine."

Mustafa Al-Sayed opened earlier this month the Bahrain Public Library in the Old City of Al-Quds in cooperation with the UNDP and Al-Quds University. It is the first library established in the Old City since 1967.

It seems that the Muslim Brotherhood movement that works on supporting Hamas in the Gaza Strip through a number of institutions did not like this move. The head of the Bahraini Palestine Advocacy Society, which is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hisham Sater, issued a statement a few days after the opening of the library in which he said "Promoting visits to Al-Quds in the Islamic State is considered a normalization, support and legitimation of the Zionist entity usurping the land of Palestine and that these visits do not help support the residents of Al-Quds and their perseverance. They, however, favor the recognition of the Zionist settlement project," referring to the Fatwa (legal opinion) of Sheikh Ali Mohyideen Al-Qaradaghi which states that non-Palestinians are prohibited from visiting Al-Quds.

A journalist in Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper, Mohamed Al-Mahmeed, mentioned Sater's statement in an article entitled: Is Helping the "people of Al-Quds" considered normalization? in which he responded to the statements of the head of Bahraini Palestine Advocacy Society affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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