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Kuwaiti Newspaper: Bahraini ISIS Militant Provided Imam Sadiq Mosque Bomb Attackers with Explosives

2015-07-13 - 8:22 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Kuwaiti newspaper revealed that the Saudi terrorists who were arrested in Al-Khafji and Al-Taif for their involvement in the Imam Sadiq Mosque bomb attack confessed that they obtained the explosives material from one of the members of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) in Bahrain.

The Kuwaiti Al-Shahed newspaper stated that the suspects "said they took the bomb-making material to Saudi Arabia by road via the King Fahd Causeway which links Bahrain with Saudi Arabia. The explosives were then ‘knitted' into a belt at one of the rest houses in Al- Qassim."

"Two other men - one of them a Yemeni - helped them prepare the belt. Then they put the belt in a secret compartment of an ice box and placed soft drinks cans and mineral water bottles to mislead customs officers at the Al-Nuwaiseeb border post. After they entered Kuwait, they met Abdulrahman Sabah on a road, and handed over the belt to him. The Saudis explained they remained in Kuwait for two days at the home of their third brother until the attack on the mosque was carried out," added the newspaper.

"One of them then went to Taif while the other remained in Khafji," said Al-Shahed, further stating that the suspects "remained in touch with ISIS leaders in Syria through a Saudi, identified only as M.N.; a Kuwaiti, identified as R.J.; and an Iraqi and a Syrian."

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