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Political Prisoner at Jaw Prison Goes Blind After Denial of Treatment

2015-07-07 - 12:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: Reports from Jaw Central Prison indicated that one of the political prisoners held there lost his sight due to abuse and denial of medical treatment. The spokesperson for the Haq Movement for Liberty and Democracy, Abdul Ghani Al-Khanjar, stated that detainee Mahmoud Abdullah Jaafar (21 years old) has gone blind after being deprived of treatment. For its part, the February 14 Youth Coalition explained that Jaafar, who is sentenced to five years in prison over political issues, "has lost his sight because of a lack of medical care and deliberate medical negligence at the hands of the Jordanian police that run Jaw Central Prison."

Mahmoud Abdullah Jaafar, who had previously been arrested three times, was taken into custody on January 15, 2015 after being on the run for two years from Bahraini authorities. Al-Wafa party stated that Jaafar suffered from dry eye syndrome on February 6, 2015, which led to the deterioration of his vision. Since the prison's administration neglected to give him treatment, he lost his sight completely and has not received the necessary treatment to this moment."

"He has been in pain for 5 months," his family stressed.

His family further said that prisoners in Dry Dock Prison and Jaw Central Prison suffer from increasing harassment since last March's riot, for they were deprived of receiving necessary treatment which led to serious medical complications for those suffering from diseases.

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