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Detainee Ali Haroun Beaten During a Phone Call with His Mother

2015-07-03 - 9:12 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini detainee Ali Haroun (21 years old) was severely beaten on Tuesday night (June 30, 2015) while having a phone conversation with his mother who heard his cries and pleading. "Don't beat me. I will tell my family that you are torturing me. I will not remain silent. You will kill me," Haroun yelled repeatedly at the officer who was beating him.

Ali Haroun called his mother at about 5:00 P.M and started his conversation by saying that he was woken from his sleep to make a phone call. He then greeted her and started asking about her. During his conversation- that did not last 5 minutes- with his mother, he was surprised to be beaten by an officer named Saleh, a Yemeni national, who grabbed him before finishing his conversation with his mother, who was also surprised that the phone was hung up.

Ali Haroun's mother received another phone call from her son after about an hour and a half and the conversation lasted for less than a minute, during which Haroun confirmed that he was about to be beaten to death by the officer Saleh, who continued to beat him from the moment he ended his first call until he made the second. Haroun asked his mother to head to the Ombudsman and Public Prosecution to have an investigation into the ongoing torture he is being subjected to. "Tell the world about the torture I am subjected to," he stressed.

Ali Haroun's mother demanded an investigation into the incident, holding the prison's administration accountable. "The cameras that the prison's administration claims to have installed in order to put an end to violations can attest the torture my son Ali received," she further stated.

Haroun's family expressed deep concerns about the fate of their son, who confirmed in two phone calls that he is being tortured, as other political prisoners since the Jaw Prison events that took place on March 10, 2015.

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