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Saudi-Based Companies Warn their Western Employees against Traveling to Bahrain

2015-07-03 - 8:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Saudi Al-Hayat newspaper said that operating companies in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia have warned western employees, especially Americans, against gathering in crowded areas and worship places in case they visit Bahrain. The companies also urged them not to shop in groups for their own safety and to avoid being targeted.

The spokesperson of the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Stewart Wright, told the newspaper that "the US Embassy in Riyadh did not warn its nationals not to travel to Bahrain during the past days", stressing that the embassy "is working on releasing a new application "the smart traveler" through which it sends alerts to its nationals through a website specialized in warnings for the countries that are witnessing violence or terrorism."

The newspaper reported statements by residents of the Eastern province saying that "the threats are ongoing. As for visiting Bahrain, there are warnings against gathering or going out in the weekends." An American national, Sasha, who lives with her husband in Al-Khobar where he works for one of the companies, stated that "since Al-Hasa's first attack and the second one in Al-Qadih (Al-Qatif Province) we completely stopped our weekend visits to Bahrain." After the attacks in Kuwait, fears are being raised of potential bombings targeting Bahrain. Some people are even concerned about traveling to other countries through the Bahrain International Airport, fearing attacks".

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