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WikiLeaks: Saudi Universities Only Receive Sunni Scholarship Applicants with Bahraini Authorities’ Approval

2015-06-27 - 7:55 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A cable leaked by the WikiLeaks Website showed that Saudi Arabia only receives Sunni scholarship applicants from Bahrain under an agreement between the two states. The document revealed that Bahrain mentioned, according to the status of one of the scholarship applicants, that the student was Sunni and from a well-known family.

Responding to the cable sent by the Saudi Minister of Education, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it had received a cable from its embassy in Manama stressing that the Bahraini student Abdullah Mohammed Isa Al-Jowder, one of the candidates for the scholarships allotted to Bahraini students in Saudi universities, is from a well-known Sunni family, having a number of members who assume official posts."

The Saudi Minister of Education had requested "a visuals report as an introduction to completing his acceptance procedures", to which the Bahraini side replied by specifying the student's sect and family.

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