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Saudi Cables: Persian TV Network “Hendijan” Broadcasted from Bahrain to Face Iran

2015-06-25 - 8:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: A cable issued by the former Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal revealed that he had thrown his full support behind the launch of a satellite TV network to broadcast from Bahrain against Iran in both persian and english languages.

The telegram addressed to the Saudi Royal Court, dated 2/5/1433 H. (March 25, 2012) and published by the WikiLeaks website among a group of Saudi cables that were disclosed this week, stated that "The board of directors chairman of "Awwal" TV which broadcasts from the Kingdom of Bahrain prepared a feasibility study in order to establish a persian-english speaking channel that airs from Bahrain."

The cable further read that the study suggested naming the channel "Hendijan", derived from Ahwaz city, indicating that its goal is "to face the hostile media policies and false news broadcasted by Iran, via its various satellite channels, against the Gulf cooperation Council."

"The Minister of Culture and Information supports the costs of establishing this channel and its operating expenses for two years," Al-Faisal stated, stressing that he, himself, backs its establishment, "I strongly support the view of the Minister of Culture and Information and that the channel be directed towards the Shiites in the Gulf region."

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