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Saudi Cables: Bahraini Leadership Divided on How to Face 1st Feb 14 Anniversary Protests

2015-06-25 - 8:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: A cable issued by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Manama said that the Bahraini ruling family divided on how to deal with the escalation of protests, marking the first anniversary of the February 14 revolution.

The cable entitled "Evaluation of Situation in Host Country" described the security and political situation in the country one year after the eruption of events as "still being very serious".

The cable published by the WikiLeaks website this week, among a project aiming at publishing nearly half a million Saudi documents, stated that "the security and political situation in Bahrain is still very serious, as there is division among the leadership on the best way to deal with the Shiite escalation of events."

"The Shiite opposition is adopting a policy depending on long endurance and the time factor in dealing with the government's security measures," the document further read.

It also indicated that "there is pressure on the government form the pro-regime Sunni side and complaints about the regime's leniency in dealing with the violations of Shiites and that it failed to punish those who were proven to have participated in the coup attempt."

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