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MPs Demand Increase in Interior Ministryís Budget amid State Budget Deficit

2015-06-22 - 11:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Parliament Financial and Economic Affairs Committee member MP Abdulrahman Buali highlighted that the Parliament's support provided to the Ministry of Interior and its staff is solid and steady and stressed that the ministry's budget would not be affected while approving the state budget, praising the efforts of "the Minister of Interior and the brave soldiers."

Buali also said that what the Ministry of Interior has recently accomplished as in foiling a number of "terrorist attacks, seizing explosives on King Fahd Causeway, arresting smugglers from the Kingdom of Bahrain and the "Saraya Al-Ashtar" terrorist cell would have had disastrous consequences if it wasn't for God's kindness as well as the efforts of the Interior Ministry."

Also, MP Mohsin Al-Bakri refused proposals by some MPs to reduce the Interior Ministry's share in the general budget, which is currently being discussed.

"What some MPs are discussing now in regards to reducing the budget allocated to the Interior Ministry is highly rejected. Security authorities should receive more support to maintain their high levels of preparedness, especially with the increasing terrorist plots and threats to the Kingdom that are frequently foiled and unveiled by them," Al-Bakri stressed.

About one-third of the budget is allocated to militarization. The financial burdens of the security apparatuses have increased following the clashes that erupted in the country since 2011 and which the authorities are continuously facing with excessive force.

Meanwhile, the decrease in oil prices raised the public debt and the state budget deficit, which led the government to lift subsidies on fuel, meat and other commodities that directly affect citizens.

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