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High-Tech Surveillance Cameras Installed on King Fahd Causeway

2015-06-16 - 9:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: The head of the operations division of King Fahd Causeway Police Directorate affiliated to the general directorate of security, Lieutenant Isa Abdullah AL-Rumaihi, said that the directorate has gone high-tech on the security level on the causeway. The units working on the causeway were connected to the internal security network, linked to the main command center in the ministry of interior in order to guarantee rapid connection and cooperation between them.

In an interview with Bahrain News Agency (BNA), Al-Rumaihi said: "The current system has been launched and developed by installing high-tech surveillance cameras across the causeway. A health clinic as well as an emergency quarantine were opened between the passports and Customs areas to prevent any infectious diseases, especially before and after the Hajj (pilgrimage) season. More traffic lights and signs were added for caution and reducing speed.

Instructional signs were also placed to facilitate the procedures for travelers and make them aware of a number of instructions they have to follow. More lighting was added to the area near the Customs gate. A private lounge for bus passengers was also established, in addition to a well-equipped small cabin to be used by competent authorities in order to finish the pilgrims' departure procedures, next to the offices of Bahrain National Holding."

"The police directorate was able to detect 15 illegal entries and exits to the country, in addition to a number of contraband seizure cases, noting that legal measures are taken concerning these cases which are later referred to the Public Prosecution. All of this is done thanks to the cooperation between the police directorate and the security and services coordination team consisting of: the King Fahd Causeway Police Directorate, King Fahd Causeway Customs, King Fahd Causeway Passports Department, national security body, civil defense, King Fahd Causeway Traffic Unit, coast guard, criminal investigation department and special security forces," Al-Rumaihi added.

"King Fahd Causeway is an economic, touristic and social vessel. Thanks to it, the Gulf, Arab and Western countries are able to enter Bahrain by land. Statistics reveal that the daily average number of travelers is about 50,000. The tourist buses that entered Bahrain in 2014 reached 17851 and 1034 buses until the end of May 2015," he further stated.

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