BCHR: The Accused of Forming Saraya Al-Ashtar were Tortured

2015-06-12 - 10:23 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrain Center for Human Rights stated on Wednesday (June 10, 2015) that it received information confirming that "the accused in the Saraya Al-Ashtar case were subjected to physical and psychological torture, abuse and threats in the investigations unit complex".

BCHR posted on its Twitter account: "Some of the accused talked about the torture they were subjected to in the Public Prosecution's [office]," also pointing out that they were in a state of severe confusion and unstable condition.

The center also confirmed that the information it had received states that Hussein Fadl, a suspect in the case, from Al-Daih village, was beaten inside the police car when arrested in the village of Al-Maqshaa.

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