Al-Wefaq Issues Report about Jaw Prison Unrest: Testimonies Made with Broken Teeth

2015-06-07 - 1:34 am

Bahrain Mirror: Hadi Al-Musawi, head of the Al-Wefaq's human rights department, issued Sunday (May 31, 2015) a report about Jaw Central Prison, entitled "Jaw Prison Unrest: Testimonies made with broken teeth."

The report documents the Bahraini authorities' use of unjustified excessive force and torture to contain the unrest that took place inside the prison (March 10, 2015), stressing that the abuses continue to be practiced in the prison.

During a press conference, Al-Musawi stated that all the testimonies his department managed to take are made by prisoners, who have served their terms in prison and were released after they witnessed the events that took place on March 10 and the developments that followed.

Al-Musawi criticized how government authorities ignored the events, saying that "the ministry of interior only mentioned the events on the first day and then stopped, the public prosecution was informed about the incident and said it is investigating into the matter, yet we heard nothing else in this regard, while the special investigation unit did not issue a statement or even comment on the issue."

He further stated that Bahrain's Ombudsman General-Secretariat announced that it had received 105 complaints linked to 124 prisoners, yet we heard nothing about that despite the fact that the abuses continue to occur. Meanwhile, reports that have nothing to do with Jaw prison were issued.

Al-Wefaq's human rights department report demanded that an independent investigation be conducted into the abuses that took place in Jaw Prison and lasted over 50 days, that the prisoners' families and the public be informed about the developments, and that the employees assigned to implement the law and those responsible for supervising them regarding the use of unjustified excessive force, torture and maltreatment be held accountable, whether they are low-ranking soldiers or high-ranking officials.

The report also demanded that the injured and harmed detainees, as a result of the unjustified use of excessive force and torture, be allowed to receive the necessary treatment and guarantee their health care, and be given their legal rights through compensation and restitution, and that international and local human rights groups and organizations, namely the UN Special Rapporteur on torture be allowed to examine the conditions of Jaw Prison.

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