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Families of Jaw Prison Detainees: We Want to Inform the EU Delegation about the Detaineesí Sufferings

2015-05-29 - 3:31 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Families of a number of detainees in Jaw Prison requested that their concern over their sons be relieved, as they have been living in harsh conditions since the outbreak of the mass protests inside prison on March 10.

One of the detainees' mother said: "We heard (yesterday) about the EU delegation's visit to Bahrain. We want to tell the delegation about our sons' conditions in the prison and not leave the matter to reports made by official parties. We want to speak of our sons' sufferings. We have tried to reveal the sufferings of Jaw Prison detainees via twitter, but it is better to meet the delegation and tell them face to face."

"Since the eruption of the Jaw prison incidents, prisoners are still being subjected to maltreatment despite all the efforts. We have contacted human rights and grievances organizations, and that's what made us want to deliver this message directly," she added.

It is noteworthy that the European Union's special representative for human rights, Stavros Lambrinidis, stated that he is "in Bahrain on second human rights visit since 2013" and that "he will meet with the government, Justice and Human Rights institutions, parliament, political societies and civil society."

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