Bahraini Detainee: Pakistani Police Cried as Jordanian Officers Humiliated us

2015-05-14 - 2:08 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The following is a testimony of a sister written with her tears after visiting her detained brother in Jaw Central Prison on Wednesday (April 22, 2015). Her detailed testimony clearly reflected the agony that has overwhelmed her young brother, the humiliation he is suffering from, his hunger, his longing for living in a clean environment free of filth, and the abuses he is subjected to at the hands of Jordanian police. She requested that it be posted, but refused to disclose her brother's name, fearing that they would retaliate against him.

"When we entered, we were thoroughly searched, and then the time of the visit had come. It was the first time I saw the police personnel who were bringing in the prisoners. I found out later on that they were Jordanians involved in torturing the detainees," she said.

"I looked at him as he entered the room. The color of his face was darker and he had scaly skin under his eyes. As I embraced him, I noticed that he had a body odor. Joking with him, I said: It is the first time I smell this perfume on you. He drew a cold smile on his face. He told me he was hungry, so I went and bought him two pies as usual and bought another two for me and my sister. I asked him if he wanted a soda and after I came back with one he had ate all of the pies. He told me that he is craving for delicious food. I gave him the cold drink. He opened it and drank half of it in one breath."

"I noticed his fingernails. They were long and dirty. He showed us his teeth and said: ‘I feel like there is a thick layer of plaque on them. Do you see it?'" she added.

"I asked him about his situation and so he replied by saying: ‘You would never guess but I will give you a brief glance since we have little time.' After he raised his arm, we saw the dark bruises and beating marks on his skin. He described day one: ‘we were unaware of what was happening. They took us out of our cells into the hallway. A line of police officers stood to the left and another to the right. As we walked through, we were beaten by both, so we rushed to the fence, where was hell.'"

"We were left naked and they poured cold water over us. We shivered and couldn't repeat the words we were asked to say, or maybe we didn't pronounce it correctly, so we were punished at once. We didn't understand what the words meant because they were said in a Jordanian accent. One of the Jordanian officers said: ‘You made us work in a state of emergency. We will not regret this but you will. I have nothing to lose. My salary is 1500 dinars which is equal to 3000 dinars in Jordan,'" he added.

He continued saying: "Some of the Pakistani police officers cried over us due to the extreme torture we were subjected to, so they were transferred or harassed. We lost all our belongings. They only allowed us to buy undergarments. They shaved our heads and prevented us from shaving our armpits. They intended to cover us with filth."

"One of the most painful days we experienced was when they took two of us, made them stand in front of us, strip them of their clothes except their underwear and then they poured cold water on them as they shivered. We were forced to sit with our knees to our chests and our hands on our heads. They threatened us and ordered us to take off our clothes. In a moment we stood up took off our clothes and then sat back down in the same position. We were about 1,000 detainees inside one tent."

He went on to say: "We are humiliated everyday by Jordanians who threaten us that they will break our will. Due to the severe beatings we were subjected to, we lost our sense of touch. We no longer felt the pain of the beatings. We missed many prayers. We weren't in the state of purity (Tahara) for prayer. Imagine that 1000 prisoners were crammed in one place! Now we had a pool of urine which we named the ‘Lost Paradise of Dilmun'. Some of us were forced to roll ourselves in it."

"We were left without a shower since March 10, 2015, until just two hours before your visit; they filled a bucket with water and some soap and then gave every one of us only a small bottle to shower with before your visit. You know how the faster feels when he smells the scent of food? That's how we were. We were fasting from cleanliness. We began to smell the scent of soap like the faster smells the scent of food, sniffing it off the officers' bodies as they passed by us. We started to sense it as if it is a distant dream. The faster; however, breaks his fast at the end of the day yet we haven't broken our fast from cleanliness since a month and a half," he further stressed.

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