Bahrain: The Torturers Take "Selfie" with their Dangerous Capture: The Child Ahmed Al-Arab

2015-05-12 - 1:25 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): On April 28th 2015, the ministry of Interior declared that it had arrested 28 Bahrainis whom it accused of being involved in terrorist processes. Among the 28 arrested was a 16-year-old boy, Ahmed Al-Arab. On his arrest day, they threatened his mother that she will never see him again and that his fate will be similar to his uncle's, Ali Haroun.

Before his first scheduled visit, on May 4th 2015, one of the released detainees stated that the child Ahmed Al-Arab was severely tortured in Jaw prison. The sound of the "hose" used to whip Ahmed's thin body made the other prisoners cry. The traces of the "hose" on his face reflect the cruelty of the torturers who enjoy tracing their whips on the soft bodies.

The stories reported about Ahmed's torturing were not exaggerations. When his family visited him, they were shocked. Ahmed was completely different. His mother could hardly recognize him. His white skin was burnt due to the sun heat. He looked very thin and exhausted. His broken nose had changed his face's handsome features. Only his innocent smile did not change. He stayed standing up during the visit and when his family insisted that he sits down; he told them that he can't do so due to the severe pain in all his body parts. After strenuous efforts, he tried to sit down for his family.

From the early moments of his arrest, the torturers showed extraordinary celebration and a joy of those who triumphed over a dangerous criminal or achieved a great historical breakthroughs. He was taken to "Al-Khayala Center" in Al-Budaiya to celebrate his arrest. The torturers alternated beating his thin body, repeating "we have finally arrested you". As a one documenting a rare historical breakthrough moment, some torturers took "Selfies" with Ahmed while he was half dead. They raised their phones as if they were wine glasses and celebrating victory. After all of them got satisfied and emptied their psychological illnesses on Ahmed's body, they transferred him to the investigation department.

Ahmed spent 10 days in the investigation department during which he was subjected to all kinds of severe torture. He was blindfolded throughout all the period he spent there. He was electrocuted in all his body parts, including the sensitive areas. His "testicles" were hurt and he started discharging blood. He was hanged, thus his back was damaged too. He was slapped on his face, thus his ears got affected and his nose was broken. He was beaten by batons and hoses on his face and body during all the period he spent there.

After official newspapers published the ministry of interior's statement that defamed Ahmed's photo along with the 28 detainees accused of being involved in terrorist processes, the torturers brought the newspaper and said to him, "Look at your photo in the newspaper", before they showered him with beatings. Then, they showed him his mother tweets that demand disclosing his fate and the solidarity events held to support him. They hit him saying, "Why are you famous? Why are all people writing about you?" They kept on beating him until he fell unconscious.

Ahmed was moved to Jaw prison being enchained along with two others of the 28 detainees; Hussein Rashid and Ahmed Maatouk. That was the first time he saw them. When he arrived to Jaw prison, the officer told him, "We are waiting for Ahmed Al-Arab. We have heard about you since a long time ago but we did not expect to see a child."

He was put in the tents, where prisoners are still in since the incidents of March 10, the past. There is nothing there but the sun heat and high temperature in the burning summer season. The Jordanian officers controlling Jaw prison intend to order the prisoners out of their cells and tents since the early down until the evening. They make the prisoners sit on the asphalt that hurts their bodies and under the sun heat the burns their skin. This how Ahmed's skin was burnt.

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