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Medic Al-Dimistani: I Received an Injury on my Knee and Got Kicked when Complaining

2015-05-08 - 8:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: The vice-president of the Nursing Society (dissolved), Ibrahim Al-Dimistani, said that he underwent a surgery in his left leg on Monday, May 4, 2015 due to medical negligence in Jaw prison after receiving an injury in his knee as a result of him falling down while practicing exercises he describes as "insulting".

Al-Dimistani talked about what inmates are subjected to while singing the national anthem saying, "Officers put some inmates in garbage cans and forced them to sing the national anthem in order to insult them."

According to Al-Wasat newspaper, Al-Dimistani documented his injury through a video recording in the criminal investigation department before getting released on April, 28, the past, adding that his brother complained to the general secretariat for grievances and department of human rights in the ministry of Interior (on Tuesday) regarding the injury.

Talking about the details of his injury he said, "I was injured 3 weeks before Jaw Central Prison's administration executed the martial law. When they resorted to forcing us to sing the national anthem all together while running in a circular track, I fell on the ground, injured and contused my knee."

He added that he asked the shift responsible several times to take him to the hospital. However, the later did not respond to him. Al-Dimistani continued, "five days later, on April 26, 2015, my injury got inflated and I had to tell the shift responsible who is a Staff Sergeant, of Jordanian nationality. When I told him, he kicked me by his shoes on my infected leg and the other one."

"On April 27, the past, my temperature rose, so my friends in the cell talked to an agent, of Jordanian nationality too. When he made sure that I suffer from a high temperature, they transferred me to the hospital by a bus, where I was injected and given antibiotic. However, I did not receive the other medications," Al-Dimistani stated.

"On April 28, I was transferred to the criminal investigation department as an introductory step for releasing me. My case was documented there by video and wrote it. I also told them about the previous injury I had received in 2011; a fracture in the sacrum bone," he said.

Al-Dimistani announced, "After I was set free, I started my treatment because the injury started to secrete pus and my leg got inflated," adding, "during the past days, my temperature got higher and I had to come to the emergency department in Al Salmaniya Medical Complex where I was given antibiotics through an intravenous IV. I then underwent a surgery and as a result I am still at the hospital."

Al-Dimistani held the police in Jaw prison responsible, saying "I don't accuse of receiving direct instructions from the administration but I wish that measures be taken against the responsible, hold him account and punish him."

Ibrahim Al-Dimistani, the nurse, requested the general secretariat for grievances, prison inspectors, special investigations unit in the ministry of interior and national human rights institution to play their role to bring the violations in Jaw Prison to halt, in particular building 10, whose prisoners are still banned from the simplest things such as buying the hygiene products.

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